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Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure for Department of Treasury Secretary of the TreasuryDeputy Secretary of the TreasuryOffice of the Chief of StaffInspector GeneralTreasury Inspector General for Tax AdministrationSpecial Inspector General, Troubled Asset Relief ProgramOffice of the TreasurerOffice of Domestic FinanceOffice of Financial InstitutionsOffice of Financial MarketsOffice of Fiscal ServiceOffice of Financial StabilityOffice of International AffairsOffice of International FinanceOffice of International Markets and DevelopmentOffice of Terrorism and Financial IntelligenceOffice of Terrorist Financing and Financial CrimesOffice of Intelligence and AnalysisOffice of Economic PolicyGeneral CouncilOffice of Legislative AffairsOffice of ManagementOffice of Public AffairsOffice of Tax Policy

Treasury Officials

Biographies of the Treasury Leadership.


The Treasury Bureaus, such as the IRS and the US Mint, carry out specific operations.


The Treasury Offices headed by Assistant Secretaries and Under Secretaries.

Inspectors General

The three Inspectors General of the Treasury.
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