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CARES Act Reporting and Record-Keeping Information



​Agency ​Date Report Title
CARES 12/28/2021 OIG-CA-22-006 Apache Tribe of Oklahoma’s Use of Coronavirus Relief Fund Payment
CARES 4/19/2021
CARES 3/22/2021
CARES 3/2/2021
CARES 2/11/2021
​CARES ​12/14/2020
​CARES ​11/30/2020
​CARES ​11/30/2020
​CARES ​9/2/2020
​CARES ​9/1/2020
​CARES ​8/20/2020
​CARES ​8/18/2020
​CARES ​8/10/2020
​CARES ​8/10/2020
​CARES 7/31/2020​
​CARES ​7/2/2020



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