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Office of Audit

The Treasury OIG provides independent oversight of the Department and all of its bureaus except the Internal Revenue Service and activities related to the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Through its audit program, Treasury OIG performs engagements designed to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in Treasury’s programs and operations and to detect fraud, waste, and abuse.

Audit Products

Treasury OIG’s audit products include mandated audit reports, assessments of important Treasury programs and operations, and communications/response to key stakeholders. Where appropriate, Treasury OIG’s audit products recommend corrective actions to improve those programs and operations reviewed to improve efficiency and effectiveness and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.

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Peer Review Reports

Treasury OIG’s Office of Audit is subject to a peer review at least once every 3 years. The purpose of a peer review is to ensure that a system of quality control has been established and maintained in such a way as to provide reasonable assurance that the organization under review and its personnel comply with professional standards and applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Congressional Testimony
Treasury OIG provides Congressional Testimony on a variety of topics related to Treasury’s programs and operations.

Management and Performance Challenges Facing the Department of the Treasury_

Management Challenges