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Pay is only part of the compensation you will earn working for the Federal Government. We offer a broad array of benefits programs and family friendly flexibilities to meet the needs of you and your family. Whether you're a new employee, transferring employee, or reemployed annuitant, you'll find important information at one of the links to the left to help make your transition as easy as possible.
Employee Personal Page (EPP)
The EPP (https://www.nfc.usda.gov/personal/) is your online connection to your personal pay and benefits information. With EPP, you can view your Earnings and Leave Statements, W-2s, and current benefits information. You may also use the EPP to make some of your own payroll and benefits changes such as your tax withholding, health insurance elections, Thrift Savings Plan changes, etc., by using the online Self-Service options available on the website.
To access your EPP:
  • Approximately 3-4 weeks after your start date, the National Finance Center (NFC), should send a welcome email to your work email address. This email should include a password.
  • Go to https://www.nfc.usda.gov/personal/.
  • Enter your Social Security Number (SSN) and the password received from NFC.
  • Proceed by setting up your new User ID, password, email address, and security questions.
If you do not receive an email from NFC within 3-4 weeks, go to the website shown above, click on "New User Signup," and follow the instructions provided. If you need assistance with EPP, please call 202-927-5200.
If you are transferring from an agency that was serviced by the National Finance Center (NFC) payroll office, you should log into the Employee Personal Page (EPP) and update your "Preferences/Prefs" (menu on the left side of the screen) with your new agency email address. You should do this as soon as you know your new email address.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Your employer provides free, confidential, voluntary Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services for all its employees. These services include up to 6 counseling sessions, newsletters, crisis counseling 24 hours a day/7 days a week, referrals to local resources, counseling for family members, etc. Call 800-222-0364 (TDD 888-262-7848) to talk to a crisis counselor or make an appointment.
Links and Resources



Flexible Spending


Long-Term Care


Thrift Savings Plan


* Life Insurance - Must enroll within 60 days of employment
* Health Insurance - Must enroll within 60 days of employment

Employee Personal Page (EPP)

If you are transferring from an agency that was serviced by the National Finance Center (NFC) payroll office, you should log into the Employee Personal Page (EPP) and update your "Preferences/Prefs" (menu on the left side of the screen) with your new agency email address. You should do this as soon as you know your new email address.


If you were in the process of making or recently completed a military deposit or civilian deposit/redeposit into the retirement system prior to your transfer, please contact your new Benefits staff as soon as possible.

Health Insurance

Upon your move from one employing office to another, your enrollment continues without interruption as long as you do not have a break in service of more than 3 calendar days. If you are enrolled in an HMO and relocate outside the HMO's service area, you are permitted to change to another plan upon your transfer.

Dental/Vision Insurance

If you are enrolled in FEDVIP for dental and/or vision insurance, please contact BENEFEDS at 877-888-FEDS (877-888-3337) to report your new agency/payroll office information.

Life Insurance

Your life insurance coverage stops at the end of the day on which you separate from service for any reason including transfer. Your new agency will, however, reinstate your coverage upon your transfer with no break in coverage.
SAMBA Employee Benevolent Fund (Life Insurance): If you are participating in the SAMBA Employee Benevolent Fund, or any of its other programs, eligibility for participation in that program will end with your transfer out of the OIG. Contact the SAMBA offices at www.SambaPlans.com for information on converting to an individual policy or enrolling at your new organization.

Thrift Savings Plan

Please notify your new personnel/payroll office if you have been contributing to TSP, particularly if you contribute to the Roth TSP as this information does not always transfer from your prior agency. This will help ensure that your contributions, and more importantly, any loan payments can continue without interruption.

Annual/Sick Leave

Your annual and sick leave balances will be added to your leave account when we receive your leave records from your previous agency. If you prefer, you can give the Pay and Leave staff a copy of the final Earnings and Leave Statement from your previous agency, which shows your balances at the time of transfer. Pay and Leave will add those balances to your leave account. Once the official leave record is received from your previous agency, Pay and Leave will compare the balances to those on the Leave and Earnings Statement and make adjustments as needed.

Deductions/ Allotments

Check your first Earnings and Leave Statement to make sure the correct deductions are being taken from your salary. This is particularly important if you were paying a Thrift Savings Plan loan or child support.

Flexible Spending Account

If you are enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you must contact SHPS directly at 877-FSA-FEDS or 877-372-3337 to continue your account(s) through your new payroll office.

Long-Term Care

If you are enrolled in the Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program and were paying the premiums by payroll deduction, you must complete a Billing Change Form to continue those deductions. The form is available online at
www.ltcfeds.com/documents/files/BillingChangeForm.pdf, or you can call Long-Term care Partners at 800-LTC-FEDS (800-582-3337).