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In addition to the forms listed on the "On Your First Day" page, the following information should be reviewed within the FIRST MONTH of your starting date.
Ethics as Government Officials
Employees take pride in fulfilling their mission to the public. They follow the Code of Conduct, the Treasury Standards of Conduct, and the Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch. To maintain the highest standards of integrity, it is important to understand the procedures and regulations on ethics, security, and conduct.
Following are the procedures and regulations that you must follow to perform your duties in a professional manner that brings honor and respect to both you and the United States of America.
Answering Your Questions
If you have questions regarding:

Ethics and the Standards of Conduct: Call Loren Sciurba, Assistant Counsel at 202/927-3973, or e-mail him at sciurbal@oig.treas.gov.